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Why you need a perfect Velvet blouse in your wardrobe for wedding season

Why you need a perfect Velvet blouse in your wardrobe for wedding season

We are very selective about choosing Fabrics. And when it comes to choose Velvet fabric, we always keep in mind that velvet exudes a luxurious and regal feel, instantly elevating your overall look. Our Craftmanship makes a well-fitted velvet blouse adds a touch of elegance and sophistication that goes to any traditional Indian outfit, such as a saree or lehenga.

A Perfect velvet blouse for wedding season

Dive in to explore Monri’s best wedding blouse out there:

To begin with a Bold Backless Black Velvet Blouse, we called as Kamini

Women velvet blouse black velvet blouse We include black in our Wedding Collection since we believe not everyone has it. Those who wish to stand out from the crowd should have that blouse in their wardrobe. This black velvet blouse goes with any sarees and lehenga because we all know that black is a colour that goes with every aspect. We assured that our blouses consist of lining so that you can wear them without curiosity. That blouse is a must-have from summer to winter season. For Explore More Click:

Our Next Wedding Blouse collection is Kamini in Maroon:

When it comes to weddings in the winter, we keep in mind that & made Maroon velvet Blouse. Every girl's ambition is to seem extremely royal in her wedding, because of the season from November to January is quite colder, so keep in that mind we designed our blouse. Winter weddings or evening events often require attire that provides warmth without compromising style. Velvet is a thick and plush fabric that provides insulation, keeping you cozy and comfortable during colder months or chilly evenings. Maroon velvet blouse                  Wedding velvet blouse To Explore more click Our Next collection is Mrinalini in White: White is a classic and timeless colour that exudes elegance and sophistication. our white velvet blouse adds a touch of refinement to any traditional Indian outfit and creates a graceful and ethereal look. We design this blouse keep in mind that it can be a perfect contrast to vibrant and richly coloured sarees or lehengas. It creates a striking visual impact by highlighting the colours and details of the rest of your outfit, making it a focal point of attention. velvet white blouse Wedding blouse velvet                         It also has Puff sleeves, which make it stand out even more. Pair with a Red Saree and you'll be the most noticeable person at the event. To Explore more click:

Last but not the least our hottest collection Mohini:

When you have a red, sexy, sleeveless velvet blouse in your wardrobe for the wedding season can add a bold and captivating touch to your attire. It’s an Eye-Catchy Blouse. Our red velvet blouse instantly grabs attention and makes you bold fashion statement. The rich and vibrant red colour combined with the luxurious velvet fabric creates a fabulous and seductive look that is sure to turn heads at weddings or special occasions. Red velvet blouse          Ree sleeveless blouse Pair this red sleeveless blouse with an off-white or black saree and style with a minimal jewellery & you are ready for the night. For more such Velvet Blouse Collection visit:
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